Friday, December 29, 2006

You Know, Work Is Really Pretty Easy

Typically, I work the week between Christmas and New Years. Not a lot of people in....I usually get quite a bit done.

However, this year I decided to take the week off. I had some personal time to burn, and it seemed like a great way to catch up on sleep, and just lounge around the house. To quote someone much wiser than me..."The older you get, the more you learn."

To start off with, as is usual, the younger boys were up at the crack of dawn on Christmas day. I distinctly remember the years growing up when I was the it was hard for me to be mad at them. However, as the youngest put it as I came down stairs at 5:15 am, "Look at daddy, he is messed up." Out of the mouth of babes....

Add to this that, ever since the tree hit our house, a couple of the kids have had to sleep on air matresses in the living room. "Guys, it's like camping out every night!!". Unfortunately, one or both of them have frequently made the late night/early morning trek up the stairs to my room. I don't have the heart to march them back down I am getting very used to sleeping on the floor. Not really cool for an old fart like me. But, like I said, it is like camping out.

Next, the contractors started repairing our house this week. Each morning they have arrived at around 7:30....sawz-all in hand. Now, these guys are all very nice. And I appreciate their work very much. Just would like for them to have one morning of "slacking off".

Of course, all this added to the standard behavior of the kids being fired up when out of school, and Mrs. WHW taking advantage of my being home to run errands she has been putting off has left me tired and grumpy.

A day of arguing with coworkers about things is sure looking like easy street these days.

Anyway, I am sure by the middle of next week I will be looking back at this week with fondness.....

BTW, check out one of my stocking stuffers. It is cooler than it looks in the picture. Now, all I need is someone wearing a red shirt.....

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