Saturday, December 16, 2006

Randomness Under the Christmas Tree

Just a few random thoughts as I shop online......
  1. I really like Christmas music. However, do local stations really need to start playing it 7x24 before Thanksgiving. Santa Baby is really starting to get old.
  2. And speaking of getting old, if I hear the George Michael Christmas song one more time, I am going to use candy canes to rupture my ear drums.
  3. Nothing quite as cool as having a happy hour in a place that has a huge Christmas tree. Tinsel and Bud Lite really create the mood.
  4. I love this story. There are a few other good Christmas stories on The Onion....but this one gave me a good chuckle.
  5. I now have an incredible appreciation for all those years my mom bothered to spend time wrapping my underwear presents. She wanted to make sure I had presents to unwrap....even if they were Fruit Of The Loom.
  6. We have a very good paperboy. I think I will give him $20 this year. He is really good at putting our paper inside the front porch.
  7. S-Man is having a good basketball season so far. Although he is a sophomore, he is seeing a lot of varsity time.
  8. I think I like the little candy canes better than the big ones.
  9. A local dairy used to make the BEST eggnog. They got bought out....and they don't make it anymore. Anyone know of a good eggnog?????
  10. I never liked Frosty. I was always a Rudolph and Little Drummer Boy man. Wonder why they don't show Little Drummer Boy any more.

....more to come in a few days. Lots on my mind as we approach Christmas. I have a particularly revealing post about myself coming up very soon......

Sup Kirby??? How's it going PMaroun?

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