Wednesday, February 14, 2007

I "Heart" Valentines Day

Some in our blogging universe are down on Valentine's Day (not wanting to single you out CL....but I will). You're my bud.

I, on the other hand, sort of like this "holiday". However, being one of balance, I do have my likes and dislikes....

  1. It has become a "Hallmark" holiday. Do we really need 5' racks full of cards?

  2. Bad memories of school dances...and yours truely being way to backward to ask anyone...and living in mortal fear that someone might ask me.

  3. Society's expectations...aka peer pressure. If I don't want to buy Mrs. W. a dozen overpriced roses, I shouldn't feel guilty. Maybe she doesn't want flowers.


  1. Innovation. Every year there is something new and creative. I noticed balloons this year that play songs.

  2. A good "reason" to shop for Mrs. W. Yea, I know I could shop for her any time. But this one has a good feel to it. I am shopping with my fellow man.

  3. Way, way down....deep, deep inside....I am a bit of a romantic. I sort of like the idea of continuing to romance my wife. And if any of you tell her or my brother men (mentioned above), I will hunt you down....

  4. Chocolate

  5. Great memories from Valentine days early on in our marriage. Getting dressed up...going out....having fun socially. A cool couples thing.

  6. Helping the kids with their Valentines for school. They haven't changed much from when I was in school.

  7. This is a romantic holiday with a massacre associated with it....with real gangsters, no less. Very cool.

So, since the likes outnumber the dislikes, I think I fall into the Pro-Valentines camp.

BTW: This year Mrs W got some chocolates and these from myself and the lads.....

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