Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Words Of Wisdom From An Old Man

As many of you know, today begins year 44 of the great WHW experiment.

Before attempting any kind of pseudo-humor about my age, I want to personally thank all my wonderful friends that I have made over the last few years. While many accurately say that the internet attracts the worse elements in society, I have been blessed with meeting some of the best of our society. I thank all of you who read my rants and who post comments to my ramblings. You who have emailed me....and you know who you are....are wonderful friends. Thanks.

While I am a bit shy to try and name everyone (since I am sure someone would slip my mind and I would then be riddled with guilt) I do want to call out my buddy Caffeinated Librarian, who has put together an incredible array of WHW poetry and Chris, who helped spread the word of my birthday. Special thanks to both of you.

Now, many of you may be wondering how I spent my "special day". Well, in the morning I went to work and went to a meeting where I had my arse handed to me...repeatedly. Then, I met Chris, Ed, J-Girl, and Mrs. WHW for lunch and had some of the best laughs I have had in a long long time. We must have covered over 50 topics during the hour+ lunch...including Ed and Chris taking someone else's reservation by mistake, my issues with going out to lunch with female co-workers to Olive Garden, and J-Girl's thoughts on how someone who is deaf could participate in a spelling bee.

One sour note about lunch, one of my "friends" told the staff that it was my birthday, which resulted in the staff singing their version of happy birthday (with one guy completely out of sync). Chris, I have a feeling you and Ed were behind it. You both will pay.

After lunch I went back to work, had a few more meetings (none quite as bad as the morning), then went home and enjoyed my family....and saw CL's poetic handywork.

Although I am not big on celebrating my birthday, the time with friends and family makes any day a good day.
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