Friday, May 04, 2007

Rnd() - Returns a random number between 0 and 1. Used in conjunction with Randomize statement to initialize the random number generator.

Not much in the mood to put a lot of thought into a I fall back on my old favorite; random thoughts...

  1. I am really digging podcasts. My buddy Pete got me started on them. Now I am downloading podcasts of sports shows (PTI, ESPN The Big Show), several NPR podcasts, a couple music podcasts (Phil Keaggy, Irish & Celtic music), a couple PBS podcasts (no, I am not downloading Sesame Street...yet), my beloved Cubs' Cubcast, and several techie podcasts. These are all free...and make for some good listening while riding the exercise bike.
  2. If you haven't seen it yet, at one of the recent NBA playoff games, a guy tried to imitate what those crazy mascots/cheerleaders do when they propel themselves off a trampoline and dunk the ball. He forgot that, to make it to the basket you must have both vertical movement AND horizontal. It took guts to try it.
  3. My airhorn officially died this evening. I was unloading a blast as a person was letting their dog unload in my yard. Looks like a trip to Walmart tomorrow.
  4. My laptop is now running the new version of Windows (Vista). Overall, thumbs up. A few pains (especially making the upgrade), but it is now running very well. The new version of Hearts is pretty cool.
  5. And speaking of new software, I am also now running Office 2007. Although recent versions of Office have been small changes, this one is a huge jump. The user interface is completely redone, using ribbons instead of menus. It makes finding functionality much easier. Word 2007 now has a standard template for blog entries. It allows you to compose and post all from within it. Huge thumbs up for this new version of Office.
  6. I am now reading a book by Guy Kawasaki. He is a very interesting person. If you have some time, check out his blog.
  7. One of the cool links off of Guy's blog is the "Mom's Salary Wizard". Nice to see Mrs. WHW should be making $138,000 for all the hard work she puts in at home.
  8. If anyone is interested in some hard-hitting news, check out this week's Weekly World News. Look for the newspaper who's cover story is the redneck vampire that is terrorizing a trailor court. Likely right next to the WSJ.
  9. You just can't get good sweet tea in Central Illinois.
  10. For those of you that like wrestling...professional wrestling, here is a funny link to the Nine Dumbest Moments In Pro-Wrestling. Not sure how they were able to reduce the list to nine.
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