Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Back On Thursday

I leave "sunny" Florida tomorrow. It has been an interesting trip. Kirby has been around for all of it. J-Girl had the front end of the trip, and former buddy Pete ;>) has been around for the final few days.

I am very eager to get home. Missing my family greatly.

I do have several topics in my little notebook. Here are a few of the many topics swirling around that will likely be blog fodder next week:
  1. Girls with sideburns
  2. People who fart while they public.
  3. Celebration, Florida.....the perfect town for me
  4. Drunk geeks at Universal....can someone really talk about debugging software after 10 beers?
  5. How buddy Pete became former buddy Pete.
  6. Why a hotel should never come to clean your room at 7:30 at night
  7. My friends the turtles and carp
  8. Spanish channel soap operas.

If this list hasn't got you checking back hourly, I don't know what will.

Be sure to wave at the Airtran jet tomorrow around noon.

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