Friday, June 01, 2007

In Search Of.....Soda

Triple post tonight.

I have been sitting on a lot of ideas lately. Between a sinus infection, work, and the kids' end-of-school stuff, I have had little free time.

This final post tonight has to do with something I noticed at several local grocery stores yesterday. I was shopping for snacks and drinks for our celebration of son #2's graduation from 8th grade. Way to go JL! Mom and Dad are very proud of you!

Well, I was quickly cruising down the lenthy pop aisles looking for some good pop. Mrs. WHW had given me orders...."No Mountain Dew". I think she wanted me to keep my heart rate under a field mouse's.

I wanted something cool....something unique for his party. I noticed many odd pops in the aisle as well as some oldies but goodies....
  1. Tab is now an "energy" drink. I remember, as a janitor, how Tab was the drink of choice in the teacher's lounge.
  2. Dr. Thunder - appears to be a clone of Dr. Pepper
  3. Fresca - remember fresca? It looked so good in the glass, yet tasted so bad.
  4. Sam's Choice (insert pop flavor)
  5. Shasta is still around
  6. Good old RC is also still around
  7. Cream Soda
  8. Mountain Lightning/Mountain Maze/Mountain Frost - clones of my beloved MD.

JL ended up wanting Root Beer and Cream Soda. I also bought some Dr. Thunder...and it wasn't too bad. I ended up drinking several glasses of it. Unfortunately, my evening ended up like the Tell Tale Heart. I was sure everyone could hear my rapid heart beat. Obviously, I drank way too much of the good Dr.

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