Thursday, June 14, 2007

I Love Tag

Chris has tagged me for my A..B..C's. And yes, Chris, the Jackson 5 are now in my head.

A - Attached or single? Attached. Happily attached, as I have talked about recently.
B - Best friend? Like Chris, Mrs. WHW is numero uno.
C - Cake or pie? Pie. To quote Homer (Simpson)...."mmmmmm, pie"
D - Drink of choice? The Dew....straight
E - Essential item? Computer.
F - Favorite color? Green
G - Gummi bears or worms? Bears.
H - Hometown? An town in Illinois that shares its name with a famous French city.
I - Indulgence? DQ Blizzards (Banana Split)
J – Jail, Been There? Sort of. Never for any length of time.
K - Kids? 5 - Five boys.
L - Life is incomplete without? Agin, Chris had this one pegged....Mrs. WHW
M - Marriage Date - May 28th
N - Number of siblings? 2 sisters.
O - Oranges or apples? Apples....Braeburn.
P - Phobia/fears? As many will tell you, I have several "quirks" that one might call fears. I hate heights, I hate unpredicability.....
Q - Favorite quote? "Hell, I would piss on a spark plug if I thought it would help" - General from Wargames.
R - Reasons to smile? Being alive. Having wonderful friends. Living in peace.
S - Season? Fall - Leaves, football, and Halloween
T - Tag three. G, RU Serious, and Dr. Cara.
U - Unknown fact about me? I have shared an awful lot with everyone. I must sleep with one foot on top of the covers. MUST.
V - Vegetarian or oppressor of animals? Oppressor of Animals. Nothing tops off vegetables better than a steak, brat, chop, or leg.
W - Worst habit? I say stupid things at the very worse times.
X - X-rays or ultrasounds?? X-rays. Just sounds cooler.
Y – Can you Yo-Yo? Nope. Had a Duncan Butterfly once. Couldn't do a thing with it.
Z - Zodiac? The Ram.
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