Saturday, June 23, 2007

Best -n- Worst

This post idea has been floating around my head for several weeks.

Before anyone gets stirred up about any of these in the list, please keep in mind that there is a bit of sarcasm and loser humor included....

Best Recent Idea For Next Post: How buddy Pete became former buddy Pete (coming very soon)
Worst Recent Idea for Next Post: Coolest mass murders throughout history

Best Recent Purchase: Merrell Hiking Shoes
Worst Recent Purchase: A fishing game for my PSP

Best Milk: 2%
Worst Milk: Skim (white water)

Contributed by my dog, Spike
Best Dog Food: Science Diet
Worst Dog Food: Walmart's Ol' Roy

Best Muppet: Fozzie
Worst Muppet: Scooter

Contributed by son #2 (an avid swimmer who kicked some rear recently in meet)
Best Swiming Stroke: Butterfly
Worst Swimming Stroke: Breast

Best Weather: Slightly overcast, temp around 70, little breeze
Worst weather: An F4 tornado with some golf-ball sized hail tossed in for good measure

Best Socks: Under Armor
Worst Socks: Kmart brand

Best Candy Bar: Mars (which are no longer around)
Worst Candy Bar: Almond Joy (my coconut allergy plays a part in this)

Best Pop: MD
Worst Pop: Fresca

Best Dental Treatment: Cleaning
Worst Dental Treatment: Root Canal

Best Job I Never Had: Garbage Man
Worst Job I Never Had: Manure Inspector

Funniest Adult Movie Title: (tie): Ed's Wood, Shaving Ryan's Privates, On Golden Blonde
Worst Adult Movie Title: XXX-Men

Best New Feature in VB .NET 2005 - Generics
Worst New Feature in VB .NET 2005 - Unsigned Integer type

Best Cereal: Golden Crisp (starring the Sugar Bear)
Worst Ceral: Grape Nuts

Best improper act: Picking nose
Worst improper act: Sneezing without covering
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