Friday, June 01, 2007

That's Not Why They Play 162

Double post since my availability for a couple weeks will be limited.

While at work today I got an IM from my buddy Pete letting me know that the Cubs were getting beat by the Braves. In passing, I suggested to him that Carlos Zambrano (Cubs pitcher) was likely due to erupt soon. He plays with heated passion which frequently overtakes him.

Sure enough, as I drove home from work I heard that he had a heated "argument" with the Cubs catcher Michael Barrett after an inning where Barrett had a past ball AND a throwing error. As you can see from the link here, what the announcers should have said is that they had a brawl. To make matters much worse, after Zambrano was sent to the clubhouse, Barrett went there and they continued their "discussion".

I think I like the hapless Cubs much more.

BTW: did you hear the Colts won the Super Bowl this year??? It was great.
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