Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Diary of a Mad/Lazy Dad - Day #1

Dear diary, today Mrs. WHW left for several days. I am in charge of all the boys, getting them to their activities, feeding them, making sure they behave, and all that other stuff. After Mrs. WHW left I had a heart to heart with the boys that were at home (Z-Dog, A-Train, and Little W). I emphasized how important it would be for them to listen to me...and do what I asked them to do. I then went to my knees, began sobbing and begged them not to bury me.

After we chatted, I took everyone to pick up JLW at his swim team practice, then sealed our agreement over a Krispy Kreme donut and a chocolate milk. I would call it a fragile agreement at best.

When we got back home, Big S came home from work. The rain washed out his landscaping I had the full house home by lunch time. Lunch was macaroni and cheese and chicken patties. They put the entire bag of chicken and a box of mac-n-cheese down...along with a pitcher of Koolaid. I ended up washing some lettuce and having my own chef salad. I think I see how Mrs. WHW maintains here weight.

After lunch I did some work while they split time between the XBox and computer. With it raining and very humid outside, I was comfortable letting them stay inside all day. I think Mrs. WHW pushes them outside frequently throughout the day. I may try that tomorrow...maybe.

This evening JLW had another practice, and is spending the night with a cousin. Big S is playing XBox 360 with friends, and the others are watching a $5.00 Tom and Jerry DVD (collection of their short cartoons) I bought while in town today.

I plan to say my prayers tonight....and hope for another easy day tomorrow.

I'm sure I will be ok as long as they don't sense my fear.
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