Thursday, July 19, 2007

Diary of a Mad/Lazy Dad - Day #2

Dear diary. I made it another day. Today was a tough one.

First, it was another rainy day, which meant the boys were all inside most of it.

Breakfast went pretty smoothly....they only ate one box of cereal, 4 eggs, and 8 pieces of toast. It's always good when, 10 minutes after cleaning up the breakfast dishes, the youngest comes into the kitchen and complains that he is hungry. Possibly offering him a corn and peas omlette wasn't the best idea.

My trip to town for my noon meeting went ok. They all seemed content as I left. 5 calls later I had to wrap up my meeting and get back home. Considering the rain, I was really surprised to see the water guns, garden hose, and towels out in the driveway. I was even more surprised to see the underwear in the small tree beside the driveway. Points for Big S who was watching them.

The afternoon was pretty easy. I felt very good about my work-related conference call....except for two bloodcurdling screams. A-Train thought he was being funny....mental note: A-Train likely has my sense of humor.

This evening was very smooth. JLW was at practice, Big S went to friends' again, and I made the younger three a nice meal, including pudding as the bribe. If they ever speak of my accident while cleaning the fridge to Mrs. WHW they will never have pudding again.

The call from Mrs. WHW this evening made everyone happy. Still wondering why each kid started his short visit with her by asking..."When are you coming home?".

Tough weekend ahead. The huge swim meet an hour away that spans Sat and Sun has me worried. Not about handling everyone while there....just whether I will make it until then.
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