Friday, July 20, 2007

Diary of a Mad/Lazy Dad - Day #3

Dear diary, day three is almost over. Another day of "treading water".

It was nice weather today, so I had a constant battle of playing indoors vs outdoors. I gave them the morning to play games indoors while I mowed the yard. It is hard to mow a straight line when one of your eyes is focused 90 degrees off, watching the east windows of the house. I resembled Marty Feldman when I finished.

Note: I should never, ever doubt that A-Train has my genetic material in him. He started using the phrase "Fear my stench" after our lunch of pizza and garlic bread. It is so hard to tell a kid to stop using a phrase when you are struggling to supress a laugh.

After lunch we were outside. Some put on rollerblades while others played on the swingset. I found myself frequently checking my work email while outside. I really need to get a life.

This evening I warmed up various left overs for supper. I was asked, "Where is the vegetable? Mommy always wants us to eat vegetables". Oh, the funniest things come from a 4 year old. I gently pointed out to him that salsa and ketchup are vegetables.

Now I am preparing for the two day swim meet that starts tomorrow. I stopped at the local store with Z-Dog to set up a good breakfast and lunch for the ones staying home tomorrow. Big S will be watching everyone again. I learned, while picking cereals, that there is now a chocolate Chex. Think I may snitch a little later tonight.
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