Saturday, July 21, 2007

Diary of a Mad/Lazy Dad - Day #4

Dear diary, I have made it to day #4. Day 4 found me up early getting ready to take JLW to his first serious meet (where he can qualify for state events). Big S volunteered to watch everyone since day one of the meet would likely run several hours. Hmmm...wonder what his angle is.

As we left for the meet I pleaded with everyone to get along. I would be an hour away...and needed everyone to get along. We stopped 15 minutes into the drive to fill up with gas. As I pumped gas my cell phone rang. Seems there was a dispute as to who was next on the XBox. After having A-Train and Big S on speaker phone, the dispute was ironed out. It was "suggested" that everyone go outside for a while and play.

As we drove to the meet, I would have thought JLW would have been nervous about the events. However, over the course of 50+ minutes of driving the main concern he had was that whether Amazon would have the new Potter book on our doorstep when he got home. Fortunately for everyone, it was.

As for day #1 of the meet, he did outstanding. He qualified for state competition in each of his three events, blowing past the required time in the butterfly (8 seconds faster than he had to be). He split time on the drive home talking about the state meet in two weeks, the possibility of the Olympics, and the Potter book. Got to love youthful enthusiasm.

As we made it to town, I treated all boys to a trip to McDonalds. JLW decided he needed Subway...since it was more healthy. I found the ripped open Amazon box on the floor in the kitchen.

With only one more day to go....I think I am going to make it. Got a very early rise in the starts at 8:00. Hopefully, we will be done by noon. Get home and begin the mad scramble to clean up/hide messes before Mrs. WHW gets home. I have learned from previous outings that a little mess is good....helps Mrs. WHW feel needed. Boy, is she needed.

I believe her next trip is in two months. If it doesn't kill me, it only makes me stronger.
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