Saturday, July 14, 2007

Hair and Age - A Complicated Relationship

I am getting old. I am becoming my dad.

There are many ways visually that tell me that I am getting old. The wrinkles around my eyes, the increasing softness of my muscles, the graying of my temples and the receding of my hairline.

The last two are of special interest. How a person's hair starts reflecting one's advancing age.
Now, I am perfectly comfortable with my hair turning gray. I am also ok with the hairline sliding back. In fact, I am hoping the gray helps create the illusion that I have wisdom and am distinguished. Note the bolding is intentional.

What my hair is doing that I have a problem with has been occurring over the last couple of years in increasing frequency. I have issues with....
  1. The extra long and overly abundant nose hairs
  2. The bizarre hairs in the ear and worse, on the ear
I now have additional tasks in my daily morning regimen...I make sure no nose hairs are poking out, and no ear hairs are growing both at the entrance of my ears as well as along the outer portion of the ears. For some odd reason, both of these kinds of hair seem to grow larger and thicker than most hair follicles. Seems like the human equivalent of weeds in a garden.

It has gotten so bad that I recently purchased a special clipper for this type of hair. The act of purchasing the clippers was much like my occasional purchase of Mrs. WHW's "special monthly stuff". You men know the get a complete description of the product and of its packaging from the Mrs. After arriving at the Wal-mart farthest from where you live, you then go down THAT aisle a couple times noting exactly where the product you want is located. Next, when no one except other men are in the aisle, you go quickly by the product raking it off the shelf into your cart in one swift motion. Then you put a box of Honeycombs over the product...using Honeycombs because of its size. Finally, you go to any available self-check register. Yes, I have issues.

Anyway, as I stood in front of the mirror the other day I found myself clipping inside my nose and around my ear. For me, this proved to be incredibly traumatic. What I saw in the mirror was an adult WHW....a Mr. WHW, not a cool, slightly aging dude WHW. I am hoping this post helps me exercise some of the demons this act
left behind.

My question is, why is it that, as I age, my hair gets thinner on my head, yet thicker in places that should never have thick hair? Is it one of life's cruel jokes? If it is, I am here to say it isn't funny.
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