Monday, August 13, 2007

Childhood 2.0

Here I sit, 44 years old. Yes, I am an old fart. Yet, there is a valid argument that physical age is but one element to the determination of one's overall age. OK....fancy way of saying you can be old but not mature.

I believe my maturity process stopped around 8th grade. For example,
  1. Last year I bought a radar detector. Not the fanciest one. I didn't buy it because I am a pathological speeder. Why did I buy it? Because, as I have told the kids, its cool to think I have a force field around me...especially at night. It's like the sensors on the Enterprise....detecting things off in the distant that I can't see. Gets me giddy just thinking about it now.
  2. We are just three days away from youngest W's 5th birthday. Being child #5 (especially son #5) gets him a lot of motherly attention. But it also gets him a ton of hand-me-downs. If the toy isn't destroyed....or the shirt/pants are not reduced to threads, the littlest man gets them. So, I decided tonight to take him to Toys-R-Us shopping for birthday gift ideas. Again, I had a lot of things at home that I probably should have been doing....but the chance to speed quality time with the smallest W and play with some of those new toys was too much to pass up. So, I took a small notebook and a pen, and we walked up and down every aisle looking at, discussing, and testing toys. Those that made his cut were added to his shopping list. Surprisingly, we were able to keep the list under 20 items. "He" played with some very cool Batman toys, as well as checked out some really neat Moon Sand. We closed the place down.

Yes, the second item sounds like a sweet father-son evening....and I guess it was. But the overall picture here is my refusal to be a 44 year old. Seems like every time I try to act my age, I start to feel old.

So, until further notice, I will be over in the corner (at least mentally) having fun with my SuperFriends set. You can either be Aquaman, or leave me alone. Its up to you.

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