Saturday, August 11, 2007

Nerd Analyzer - The Explanation

Some might think I dedicate a lot of time thinking up goofy things like my last post. However, this typically isn't the case. In a Television and Stuff exclusive, I am going to explain why I came up with the Analyzer. Then, you will all know "The Rest Of The Story".

I like electronic gadgets. Not sure if its a guy thing, a techie thing, or a WHW thing. Anyway, I recently purchased a cool little gadget, the Canary Wireless Detector. Here is a pic of it....

The idea behind this is that I can be anywhere and with the push of a button see any wireless networks in the area along with if they are open or secured. Pretty cool, isn't it (Those of you with Noint totals over 300 are probably googling this right now :).
When I got it, Mrs. WHW gave me a couple funny looks, but said nothing. Then, recently, as I was walking Spike I decided to take it along. I wanted to see where all the wireless networks are in my town. I'm not planning on using any of them...I'm just nosey. It is also cool to see what some people name their wireless networks. I have see "F*** Off" and "GetYourOwn" as creative names.
Anyway, upon coming in from my nightly walk with Spike the other day, I eagerly (almost child-like) told Mrs. WHW about the "F' Off" network near by. She asked how I knew about it. When I told her, she stared for a couple seconds and said, "You are such a nerd!".
After trying to debate her for a few minutes, I decided to write the Analyzer and see if she was right. Now I need to tweak it so I am right.
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