Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Am A Bad Ass

As I have made very well known, I am a real nerd. I have lead a crime-free sheltered life.

That was, until yesterday.

Yesterday, I took a walk on the wild side. Yesterday I was a rebel. Yesterday I challenged authority. Yesterday, I went to a pawn shop.

Little background. Recently, I got a new cell phone. Nice RAZR. Unfortunately, Mrs. WHW's phone started failing her soon after this. Being the gentleman, I offered to trade with her. Since she uses hers much more than I use mine, it made sense. I figured I could handle it until her contract came up for renewal next May. I was wrong.

Being a gadget geek, I couldn't take it. So, I started plowing through EBay looking for a good used phone that I could put my SIM card in. Yesterday, at work, J-Girl suggested I check out a local pawn shop.

Many thoughts ran through my head (most of which I shared with her):
  • Aren't there ex-cons at pawn shops?
  • Aren't pawn shops dark buildings with tiny windows that have bars in them?
  • Isn't the stuff in a pawn shop "hot"?
  • Won't there be brawls outside of the pawn shop?
  • Won't I, in all my geekiness, stand out and attract attention?

She seemed to buy into the last question.

Anyway, after stopping by a Starbucks, Kirby, J-Girl, and I went to the pawn shop. And, no, I did not take a Frap into the shop with me.

As I entered I tensed up. The building was much larger than I expected. Much better lighting. I was very much aware of everyone around me. Waiting for someone to start a knife fight....which never happened.

as I walked around, I started feeling much more comfortable there. However, I never completely let my guard down. While they didn't have any phones, they did have some neat stuff. This lead to probably one of only two slips I had there.

As I looked around at the TV's I said, "There is some neat stuff here!". That triggered a few of the "regulars" to look at me. Guess you need to keep a low profile in a pawn shop.

My second mistake was laughing too much at a John Schneider album (yes, real vinyl). Again, a couple of the guys working there gave me the look.

All and all, the trip was educational. I learned how tough I can be. Yea, I hang at pawn shops....when I want to. Anyone got a problem with it?

Pretty tough, ain't I? Maybe next time I will go in without the pen in my breast pocket. Maybe then they will embrace me as one of them.

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