Thursday, October 25, 2007

Lessons While On The Road

As they say at work, I am OOO this week (Out Of the Office). I am on a business trip with PMaroun and Kirby. We are in the Emerald City, which was sunny yesterday but rainy today.

As is usually the case when I travel, I have lots to talk about.
  1. Overheard two people in front of me on the flight out here talking about the pet potty in the airline catalog. One phrase caught my ear. "I just wish she would use the litter box while in kittenhood." Kittenhood?? Is that really a word? Is Puppyhood a word? How about Larvahood?
  2. I bought a bag of Newman's Own Organic Salted Round Pretzels. They are really good. Who is Nell Newman (on the bag with Paul)?
  3. Anyone ever been to a Jitters Coffee shop?
  4. Got a boss Mustang as a rental car. Feel like Burt Reynolds in Smokey and the Bandit. Hey Kirby, I am running breaker.
  5. Yes, I am officially driving PMaroun crazy. If you recall, I vowed to not travel with him again after our last trip. Well, time dulls memories....but they are all flashing back now. And yes, Pmaroun, I suggested eating at a Qdoba tonight. So what?
  6. The speakers at our briefings/training have been outstanding.
  7. My watch quit working tonight after I got back to my hotel room. Since I cannot stand to not have a watch on, I went back out into the rain and bought a $16.00 Casio. Love those deals.
  8. Thanks to Chris, I have been watching Curb Your Enthusiasm in the evenings.
  9. The guy sitting next to me on the flight out slept most of way....which is usually good. However, he had an arm twitch in his sleep, and kept poking me in the side.
  10. Speaking of the flight out, thanks to my goofiness of getting to the airport two hours before the flight, I was able to get an exit row seat. Nice.

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