Monday, October 08, 2007

New Word: Oddservations

I have decided to create a new word. I believe it accurately captures many of my daily experiences. So, starting today I will occasionally be posting my Oddservations.
  1. The Hitler mustache still doesn't work. Bumped into someone the other day sporting it. Even without the goosestep, it does not work.
  2. As I stood in a local grocery store I noticed an interesting sign. It was a sign the owners created on a computer...probably using MS Word. It was printed on orange paper, and said "Happy Halloween". Seems seasonally appropriate. However, a large menorah was printed in the middle of the paper. It would appear the author grabbed the first holiday clip art in the Word library....and that they are pretty unfamiliar with the Jewish faith.
  3. I am old school. Growing up, the only people who had tattoos were men who had served in the armed forces in the South Pacific....and possibly someone in Hell's Angels. Now, of course, tattoos are very common, which I have no problem with. However, there are still certain professions that I would like to see NOT have a tattoo. For example, I don't think priests or nuns should have them, or surgeons, or grade school teachers, or any woman in my family over the age of 60. If they have them, I just don't want them to show them to me.
  4. And, while we are on the topic of tattoos....I think every tattoo artist should be required, by law, to only give someone a tattoo that is consistent with the person's look and personality. If they are rough and tumble, the barbed wired around the bicep is cool. If they are a nerd, shaped much like a bowling pin (hitting close to home) no barbed wire, or skeleton's head. Maybe a pac-man or the Apple Key, or something less intimidating.

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