Tuesday, February 26, 2008

There Is Nothing Wrong With FM2

Tonight will be a double post night. First, the family friendly post.

Recently, my Mercury Sable officially died. After 175,000 miles, it was entitled to stop working. However, as a result, I was forced to do something I hate.....shop for a used car.

Anyone who knows me well knows what me first step was in negotiating a new car....I called in Mrs. WHW. You see, my lovely wife is a deal maker. In a very sweet yet tough way, she gets deals. Whether it be a car, a pair of shoes, or meat being sold door to door, we live by the rule that retail is for losers.

Anyway, within two weeks of my car dying I had a new car. I am now driving a slightly used 2007 Corolla. Basic model that gets good mileage. For me, a perfect car.

If the post ended here, it would be great. However, it doesn't end here. For the other day, as I headed off to work I began radio surfing, first hitting each of the presets, then multiple presses of the scan/seek. However, when I hit preset #1 of FM1 I noticed something odd. It wasn't my #1, it was Mrs. W's #1. My first reaction...."what the?"

For, you see, as owner of said vehicle, I am of the belief that FM1 presets are mine. FM2 is all hers. She hates AM, so they are mine too. In her Odyssey I do not mess with any FM1 presets. I believe I am entitled to the same courtesy.

When I inquired with her about this apparent misstep, I was shocked to learn that she is not from the same school of thought. Her "school" is, "I work the deal, so preset #1 on FM1 and FM2 are mine." Can you believe it?? The nerve of some people.

Unfortunately, she won round one. For the past week I have left her station on FM1 preset #1. However, the other day the new car's battery went belly up. So, upon picking up the car from the dealership after the battery was replaced, I noticed that all presets were gone....and that the repair man appeared to have an interest in the local college station (since he did set that....on preset #1 of FM1. Again, what the????).

I spent several minutes carefully resetting my FM1 presets in the proper ascending order. Now, let's see how long it is until round #2. And yes, I know I will not win that round either......but I can dream, can't I?
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