Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Brand Loyalty

I have needed a new cell phone for quite a while.  As you may recall, Mrs. WHW's phone started going belly up last year.  So, being the consummate gentleman, I offered to swap her phones.  My was pretty new.  Also, my use of a cell phone is usually pretty limited....calls, calendar, alarm clock, and occasionally camera.

Last week I noticed that my contract/phone was up for renewal.  For 2 more years of commitment I could get a new phone.  

Off I went to the local AT&T shop to get my new phone.  Although I love the newest gadgets, I must live within my means.  This translates into no iPhone, no Smart Phone, and no Blackberry.  Bummer, big time.  I now use the rule....which is the most expensive "free" phone being offered.  My small attempt to stick it to the man.

Now, as my buddy Chris will testify, I have been a strong Sony fan for many years.  Way back to when Walkmans were the kings of personal audio.  Unfortunately, me and Sony parted ways a few years ago.  Stuff got too pricey.....and some odd behavior by Sony (root kits, charging to deliver a laptop without the crap on it, etc.).

With this in mind, I was faced with a dilemma at the phone store.  The "best deal" was a Sony Walkman phone.  After about three seconds of internal debate I decided to pull the trigger.

Here is my new phone:

Not nearly as cool as an iPhone.....but much better than the cracked, half functioning Samsung I was using.  And, just has to be a phone.  Right?
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