Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Someone Owes Me an Hour

For the record, like many, I hate time changes.  Messes me up internally as well as causes me work.  Also, for the record, no auto maker should require three hands to change the time in a car.

Anyway, about a year ago I bought a new alarm clock.  I opted for one that syncs itself with some master clock.  Not sure where the master clock is, or how exactly it talks to the master clock.  But the feature sold me, since changing clocks irks me (see initial paragraph).

With the somewhat recent time change, I noticed my alarm clock not "springing ahead".  I thought, no biggie, I can manually change it.  So, before bed I bumped it an hour.  Next morning, I am awakened a bit late.  The mother &^%#$ reset itself over night.  Next morning....I am late...which bothers me greatly (but not as much as waking up unnecessarily early).  

It appeared the keeper of the master clock was asleep at the wheel.  Two weeks later, my clock was still an hour behind.  To get around this, I started setting my alarm an hour earlier than I should....compensating for the lazy ass clock keeper.

This morning, as the alarm went off I noticed it seemed dark.  I then look at my watch and see I am up an hour early....noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!  In a "just awakened haze", I scrambled to see if my watch was right, if the alarm was right, etc.  Come to find out, the master clock was reset sometime between 11:30 pm last night and 3:30 am this morning.

I never had this problem with my old fashioned clock.  And its ticking helped me fall asleep.

Progress sucks.

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