Saturday, August 30, 2008

My Wheelhouse

Today I was asked to leverage my expertise in a critical family purchase. Nope, not a new computer. Nope, not a new TV. Nope, not a new car.

I was asked today to buy a new toilet seat! The current one became unusable this morning. While no one will fess up to it, I believe one or more of my sons were using it as a climbing toy.

Oh, the joy. I KNOW this stuff. I am as close to an expert as there is in the field of toilets and toilet related hardware.

Confidently, I strolled through the aisles of Lowes, looking for the next seat to my throne. As I approached the toilet seat area, I was greeted with this site:


The ones in the picture on the left, while very appealing, were not going to happen. The one rule I had was, "NO CUSHIONED SEAT". That rule had something to do with the belief that "I would spend even more time in there". Hey, it's my fortress of solitude.

Anyway, as my eyes scanned over the ones in the pic on the right, I was faced with a tough decision...
  1. Should I get the one that had some anti-bacterial quality to the seat? There are lots of bacteria floating around my house. Nah. Bacteria makes us stronger.
  2. Should I get the one that had the built in "slow close" feature? No more lids slamming shut. But, as Mrs. WHW pointed out, since the lid is never put down, that would be a waste.
  3. Should I buy the one with the triple screwed down back for minimized wiggle? Our seat gets a lot of shifting during a typical sitting (Note careful spelling. The omission of a couple letters makes that sentence R rated.). Nah. $35 is too much for a poopie cushion.
  4. Should I buy a Kohler? They are the toilet experts. Yea. Let's go with the experts.
So, I snagged an entry level Kohler, and headed home. Upon removing the old seat, I learned that one or more of the boys need some target practice (fodder for another post).

After installing the new seat, I implemented rule #3 in the WHW household..."Whoever installs a new toilet seat gets to use it first."

Boy, I am really glad I had that pizza today.
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