Friday, October 24, 2008

The Trifecta

I really do try to choose diverse topics for this blog. Unfortunately, I seem to be on a porcelain roll, so to speak.

Today at work I decided to drop off a few of the "mostly empty" pop cans on my desk at the recycle bin on my floor. In the past, I have been know drop a can or two in the recycle even with a few drops of pop still in it. No biggie, right?

However, a co-worker delivered some guilt my way about it, so I decided to empty them before depositing them. So, I went to "the zoo" (bathroom on my floor) and emptied them into a sink.

as I was emptying the last can a fellow I am vaguely familiar with came into the bathroom, carrying a coffee cup. While I would never bring a cup into the john, it is a fairly common practice.

Unfortunately, what he did next is far from common. For my acquaintance walked up to the urinal (while continuing to hold on to the cup), unzipped and released with one had, and peed....all while continuing to drink his coffee!

While the coordination to accomplish such a feat is worthy of praise, the actual act seemed pretty gross to me. Was he that thirsty??? To me, it seemed to be the physical equivalent of pumping gas in your car while letting it run.

I decided not to wait around to watch him repack his goods.

Yes, I work in the IT department, and yes, many IT professionals seem to lack many of the fundamentals related to manners and common sense.

And yes, I am going to start wearing a pee bag to work.
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