Thursday, November 20, 2008

Notes From The Other Side

I just returned from a trip out west. As usual, my trip was riddled with thoughts, observations, and truly unusual encounters. Here are my notes, straight from my official "crazy note pad".....
  1. As I walked through O'Hare, I passed a person who was having a problem with one of their ankles, which resulted in them having an odd walk. Am I the only person who begins to panic in this situation? I am convinced that, as I am walking past them, my subconscious is observing the walk, and changing my walk to be like theirs.
  2. Dear America Airlines, $15 bucks for checking the FIRST bag really sucks. Just thought you would want to know. By the way, thanks to this asinine policy, everyone is now trying to jam all their luggage in the overheads. And that makes for a lot of frustration and slow boarding. Jerks.
  3. Is there a hidden message when a woman wears a thumb ring? Since I only recently learned what CFM shoes were, I am afraid this means something, and I'm just not in the loop. I think they are cool....just wondering.
  4. On the flight out, a lady decided to put on a surgical mask after we took off. At first I thought possibly she had a condition, like asthma, that required the mask. But, no. As I sat behind her and eavesdropped, I learned she was convinced that the mask would shield her from SARS and bird-flu, which she could catch from the "sickos" on the flight. I resemble that remark.
  5. The gentleman sitting next to her was enjoying a glass of ginger ale....but in a very annoying way. He insisted on holding the plastic cup as if it were a glass of fine scotch or brandy.....putting his hand under the glass, even while he drank from it. Not sure if he had just seen the new Bond movie, and decided he wanted to be cooler. Wish I would have heard if he requested the ginger ale "shaken, not stirred."
  6. On the flight back, I sat next to two younger gentlemen, who both sported throat beards that looked more like hair growing on their throats. Also, each was fully clothed in camo clothing. The reason I mention them is, as an elderly lady passed by us to go to the bathroom, one of them leans and says to the other, "You can smell the elderly in this plane". I'm not really sure what that means, but I am pretty confident that it isn't a positive comment.
  7. As we waited for the flight home, I noticed a unique individual also waiting for the flight. This person had a facial tattoo and a couple pin piercings through there cheeks....all of which is ok with me. However, he also had both of his earlobes pierced in such a way that the lobs stretched almost all the way down to his shoulders. For some reason, this really disturbed me....which immediately meant he would sit across from me. Dang, I am squirming now, just typing about it. One thought kept going through my head as I sat across from him ....."COME ON!!!"
Now, the final which, by itself, would have made the trip a complete experience. Note: I will not mention anyone by name, with respect to their privacy (although I believe they would actually like any attention). If you are interested in any details, email me.

As is my usual style, I arrived to the first day of tech briefings 30+ minutes early. I like to pick my seat, so to speak :p. Anyway, as I sat, enjoying a morning Mountain Dew, an interesting fellow walked into the room. He was about 6' 4", wearing a black shirt, black pants, a belt with a large buckle, boots, and a long black trench coat. He was also sporting a head of bleach blond hair. He looked a lot like a combination of Ric Flair and Von Helsing....with some eyeliner tossed in.


Being from the conservative, corn-fed Midwest, my experience with the whole Goth thing is pretty limited. So, when I found out that this person was also a singer in a band named after the undead, I decided I really wanted to know more about him. What I learned was...
  1. He was a very competent techie.
  2. He was very bright
  3. His music wasn't bad (thanks Youtube)
  4. His act on stage was pretty bad (damn you Youtube)
  5. His groupies really need some time in the sun
  6. He was a descent person
Bottom is very cool to actually mingle with long as it's on my terms. I still hate Walmart, the laundromat, and Burger King after 8:00 pm. Those are encounters I can really do without.
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