Thursday, February 22, 2007

Randomness - The Manifestation of Complexity

Cool title, isn't it? Thought it all up myself.

I have decided to post another in my series of random thoughts. These are thoughts, ideas, ramblings, and/or events that have recently paid a visit to me or my frontal lobe.

  1. While I have no problem sharing my bathroom experiences with the public, there are things I have a hard time evening talking/writing about. As my buddy CL points out, one period (not punctuation).
  2. And speaking of inabilities to cope, is it weird that I can say "bra", but am unable to utter "brassiere"? I cannot make myself say that word.
  3. I am really starting to like Blue Cheese dressing on my salad.
  4. About half the snow here has melted, and I still can't find the snow shovel the kids hid right before our blizzard.
  5. I have decided I need to shed a few pounds. Diet started Tuesday. First ordering only non-fat cappuccinos at Starbucks.
  6. No more Britney stories....please.
  7. No more stories on Anna Nicole, her child, her boyfriends, or the judge ....please.
  8. Favorite burger right now....Mushroom swiss (too bad #5 is nixing them)
  9. I tend to watch the same DVD over and over...until I get completely sick of it. Then I move on. Right now I am watching Napolean Dynamite. Next up is High Anxiety.
  10. Closing with a quick bathroom tale from the week. I'm at work. Walking into the bathroom. Turn the corner toward the urinals. There is a guy pulling away from the urinal. He turns around (away from the urinal) and still has his..."Oscar" out. He then proceeds to but said Oscar back into its house...while facing me. Every time I think I have seen it all, I am proven wrong.

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