Monday, July 30, 2007

My Summer Vacation

In tribute to this weeks #1 movie, here are some shots from my summer vacation....

Here I am after getting up. Hair a little messier than normal (who can tell?)

Here I am at home, cleaning up the living room. Who would have thought a cannon was a bad idea for a toy?

Next, I head to work to say hi to my buddies. I would say J-Girl is Itchy and I am frequently Scratchy. Definitely, Kirby is Sideshow Mel.

After leaving work, I stop by a Starbucks for a drink. I frequently enjoy the "atmosphere" there, right J-Girl?


Finally I am back home, ready to have fun with the kids.

Thanks to the Simpsonizer for the great shots.

Footnote: Here is Mrs. WHW. She does not know that she has been 2-D yet. If I'm lucky, she never will.

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